Bring Out The Best In Your Best Friend!

Hi, I'm Olivia, and I love exercising, training, and spending time with dogs. To learn more about me and my experience, visit the "About Me" page. 

When I'm walking your dog, unless you own multiple, I walk only your dog. I do that so I can give them individualized quality attention, and walk or run according to their needs. If you have multiple dogs, I will walk them together with no additional charge for the second dog. For a more in-depth overview, visit the "Dog Walking" page. 

When I am training your dog, I only take one dog, even if you have multiple. I do that because that way I can focus on only your dog and what we are working on. I only take one dog because having individualized attention often speeds up their progress. I train various things including basic and advanced commands, agility (and other dog sports), and eliminating unwanted behaviors. For more details, visit the "Dog Training" page.

To hear testimonials from some of my clients, visit the "Testimonials" page.

For pictures of my training in action, visit the "Gallery" page.

If you want to get in touch, visit the "Contact Me" page.