Hi! I'm Olivia, a high school student. I love animals, and a lot of my time has been spent understanding them and learning to connect with them. In the past, I have done many things with animals, and I plan to do more in the future. 

I have had experience at the SFSPCA, learned from Marta Williams, done service work for Pet's in Need and HSSV, assisted at a puppy training course, and help out at the Dogborhood. I have also spoken with various experts about training and connecting with animals. Some experts I have spoken to include Tony award winning, Broadway go-to trainer, author of Broadway Tails and star of From Wags to Riches Bill Berloni, Iditarod dog trainers, breeders, shelter volunteers, animal communicators Sally Jenkins and Katherine Bozzi, Search and Rescue dog handlers Fire Captain Cat Labrada from the documentary Superpower Dogs, Tess Donnelly, the Italian Water Rescue Dog School, and Canine Handlers Officer Greene and Officer Pronske, as well as a Guide Dogs for the Blind trainer I shadowed. Additionally, I have spent countless hours researching various training methods and dog behavior.

I also have personal experience with dogs of my own. Currently, I own three dogs (ranging from 15-80 lbs and 3-11 years old), all of which I trained myself with positive methods.  My first dog I have trained since he was young and we are now a certified Alliance of Therapy Dogs team, and he is also trained in basic scent work. My second dog I adopted as an unsocialized dog-reactive older adult and I've helped him become confident and non-reactive as well as training him various tricks. My third dog I trained from when she was a puppy, and I've trained her non-competitively in a multitude of dog sports (my favorite being agility).