Dog Training Overview

I have studied countless methods for various different commands, all using positive reinforcement, and have trained a multitude of commands and behaviors (from basic obedience, to dog sports, to therapy dog work, to tricks). When training, I only train one dog at a time. By doing that, I ensure it is easier for your dog to focus. It also helps your dog progress faster. When I train your dog, I encourage you to be there and watch and participate, so you know the steps to help you practice at home. My training sessions are ten to thirty minutes, depending on the command and the dog. While that might seem short, it is the perfect amount of time for your dog to learn without getting bored or frustrated.

What Training Includes

When training, my goal is to work with your dog until they respond to the command every time, even with distractions. Usually, I start training in a low distraction area and build up to an area with many distractions, such as a busy park. Before I take you and your dog on as my client, I would like to meet your dog and watch them perform the commands they know. During that meeting, you can also ask me any questions you have.


For questions about my availability, please email me.

Prices (the time does not include reviewing progress with you)

  • First Session/Training Evaluation - $20.00

  • Basic command 10-15 minute session - $10.50

  • Agility and other canine sports 10-30 minute session - $10.00 - $25.00 (Pricing depends on the amount of time and if I'm training or exercising)

  • Advanced command 10-20 minute session - $12.50

  • Breaking Bad Habits 10-20 minute session - $12.50

  • 10 pack of any form of training - $65.00

Training Request Form Link

Training Request Form Link