Individualized Attention

When I'm walking your dog(s) they are the only one(s) on the walk, and I plan my walks or runs according to your dog(s) energy level(s). I do that because your dog has its own needs, and that way they aren't stuck with a pack of dogs that are too slow, or are trying to keep up with much faster dogs. The other benefit of your dog(s) being the only one(s) on the walk is that I give them the individualized attention they deserve and make them my singular focus, which helps bring out the best possible dog(s) they can be.

What Walks Include

My walks are usually 30+ minutes, but that time frame is adjustable. On the walk, my goal is to exercise your dog and tire them out, fulfilling their needs and returning to you a calmer dog that isn't looking for trouble. I can walk or run with your dog, as well as play fetch and other games. Before I take you and your dog on as my client, I would like to meet your dog. During that meeting, you can also ask me any questions you have.


For questions about my availability, please email me.


  • 30 minutes - $15.00

  • 1 hour - $25.00

  • 1 hour and 30 minutes or more - $35.00+

  • If your dog does not know the heel command +$5.00

  • 10x 1 hour walk pack (can be divided and used whenever) - $140.00

If you have a second dog, there is no extra charge if I'm walking both dogs together

Walk Request Form Link

Walk Request Form Link