"Olivia is such an incredible and passionate trainer! She is so kind, mature and professional. It is clear to me that she has a bright future ahead! Before my puppy Frida and I started seeing her, Frida would be very anxious being separated from my side and she seemed to only want to do things her way. After a few sessions with Olivia, Frida is now able to be left alone at home and she is much more disciplined. Not only did Olivia help with basic training commands, but she also helped me learn how to train Frida at home which has helped us both immensely. Frida also loved Olivia! It was a great experience for us both."

-Jennifer M. and Frida

"Our dog, Gracie, looks forward to walking with Olivia every week with a wagging tail and equal enthusiasm! Olivia is a responsible and caring person and has been a great addition to Gracie's routine. She handles Gracie's sixty pounds without any issues and no doubt contributes to her general well being."

-Matt F. and Marisa G. and Gracie

"When I hired Olivia, I didn't know what to expect but soon was very impressed with her maturity. Olivia trains with love, understanding, and compassion, and she always puts the needs of the dog first. She handled my 85 lb dog with the utmost professionalism, grace, and kindness. The first time my dog met Olivia, right away he loved and trusted her. As soon as she started training, Olivia understood my dog and he understood what she asked of him. Olivia and my dog had a mutual respect, and my dog was very receptive to the training. He is my first dog, and while Olivia taught him, she taught me too. Even now if I have a question, she will still answer it. As well as training the basic commands, Olivia helped socialize my dog, get rid of his bad habits, and helped me train him multiple advanced commands, all in a short time. My dog would not be the way he is without her. I can now take him to off-leash beaches and busy restaurants, and not worry; I can’t recommend her enough!"

-Isabella H. and S.J.P.

"I highly recommend Olivia for your dog! She is highly knowledgeable, kind, and punctual. I really appreciate how well she got to know my dog and support his needs."

-Jenny W. and Jimmi